What I'm doing now

Updated on February 5, 2024.

Approaching the End of the Year#

The Spring Festival is coming soon. On Friday, I will be taking the high-speed train at two o’clock in the morning (yes, I couldn’t get tickets for a more reasonable time) back to Luoyang. These days, I’ve been somewhat distracted from work, as my colleagues have gradually started taking leave to go home, and those who are still in the office seem to be slacking off a bit.


I recently finished reading Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy. The bizarre descriptions throughout the book fascinated me. Many people might have read this work with the expectation of a “science fiction novel”, which is why the reviews for this book are somewhat polarized. But in my view, it’s an excellent piece of new weird fiction, filled with serious nonsense and the protagonist’s self-contradictory thoughts, which inevitably drew me in.

The plot of the recently released “Alan Wake 2” seems to have a similar vibe. Perhaps I should find some time to play it.

Personal Development#

Work has been incredibly busy leading up to the Spring Festival, so I haven’t had time to make vite-react-ssg support Tanstack router. I hope to make some progress during the Spring Festival holiday.

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